Leak Adjustment Policy


If you suspect you may have a leak, please contact our office at (803) 385-5123 immediately. Our customer service representatives will be happy to send a crew to check your meter. If a leak is discovered, our crews will notify you.

Water leaks fall under two categories: CMD Leak, and Customer Leak.

If the leak is on the CMD side of the meter (as in from the green customer service box back to our service line, also including the meter), our crews will repair the leak with no cost to you.

Should the leak be on the Customer’s Side, it will be the responsibility of the customer to contact a plumber or other appropriate individual to locate the leak for repair. District employees are not allowed to perform repair work on private property.


Customers with repaired leaks are allowed a maximum of two (2) billing adjustments in any twelve (12) month period. The account holder must come to the CMD Office in person and bring proof of repair (a receipt from a plumber or for parts used in the repair) in order for our customer service representatives to make an adjustment.

Please note, due to varying circumstances, not every repair will result in a billing adjustment.


Customers who accrue large balances on their accounts due to circumstances beyond their control (leakage or other unexplained high usage) may be entitled to a Payment Plan. Payment plans are designed to divide the balance due on the account into a monthly payment, which must be paid each month in addition to the regular monthly bill for that month. If the high usage is the result of a leak, proof of repair must be given in order to qualify for the payment plan. A customer must be in good standing with the District and not have broken a previous payment plan.

If a customer fails to make proper payment while on a payment plan, the plan will become void and the entire balance on the account will become due and payable immediately.


A customer who is in good standing with the District but has been disconnected for non-payment may be eligible for Non-Payment Fee forgiveness. The customer must not have been disconnected for non-payment in the twenty-four months (2 years) leading up to the date the service was disconnected. A customer may be eligible for this adjustment once every twenty-four months as long as the proper conditions are met.

Click here for a downloadable copy of our Adjustment & Forgiveness Policy.