Notice of Public Hearing – Imposition of Capital Recovery Fees

Notice of Public Hearing – Imposition of Capital Recovery Fees



Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held before the Chester Sewer District Commission (the “Commission”), the governing body of the Chester Sewer District (d/b/a Chester Wastewater Recover) (the “District”), beginning at 6:00 p.m. on July10th, 2018. The hearing will be held at the Richburg Fire Department, which is located at 225 N. Main Street, Richburg, SC 29729. All persons who attend the public hearing will be given an opportunity to speak.

The purpose of the public hearing will be to allow members of the public to express their views regarding the imposition of capital recovery fees, which constitute the initiation of new sewer rates for customers of the District. Upon the due adoption by the Commission, the capital recovery fees are anticipated to take effect on August 1, 2018.

The following rates are proposed:

Meter Size Capacity Ratio Fee (Rounded)
3/4″ & 5/8″ 1 $ 1,440
1 1.7  $ 2,450
2 5.3   $ 7,635
4 16.7 $ 24,065
6 33.3 $ 47,980
8 53.3 $ 76,800
10 80 $ 115,275
12 176.7 $ 254,610

CMD Water IS Safe To Drink

On Friday afternoon, July 14th, Charlotte Water contacted Chester Metropolitan District and many downstream water utilities to report that a 21-inch sewer line had separated and approximately 200,000 gallons of sewage spilled into Kings Branch.

Kings Branch is a tributary to Big Sugar Creek, which flows into the Catawba River downstream of the Lake Wylie dam. With the distance that the sewage has to flow, and the amount of the base flow in the Catawba River, natural mixing of the waters will dilute a majority of bacteria contained in the river.

Chester Metropolitan District has been monitoring the raw water quality in the Catawba River and has reported no change in normal water quality at its water filtration plant in Fort Lawn. Reports from the filtration plant indicate no change in pH or bacterial levels, and no indication that the spill is presenting a health risk to our customers. The drinking water being produced meets or exceeds USEPA Primary Drinking Water Standards.

Chester Metropolitan District will continue to closely monitor the water quality in the river and report any problems to our customers. Updates on the sewer spill will be available here on our website. Please check back for more information, or call our office at (803) 385-5123.

CSD Notice of Meeting

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Chester Sewer District Regular Commission Meeting

Monday March 21, 2016 6:00 PM

Chester Sewer District Office
155 Wylie Street, Chester




I. Call Meeting to Order


II. Invocation


III. Pledge of Allegiance


IV. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes


V. Draft Audit


VI. Old Business

  1. Lando/Manetta
  2. Rocky Creek
  3. Sandy River
  4. Pretreatment
  5. Project updates


VII. New Business


VIII. Reports

  1. Mass Balance
  2. Customer Billing
  3. Maintenance Work Report
  4. Financial Statement

IX. Executive Session

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