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Chester County Wastewater Recovery is seeking proposals for Outsourced Information Technology Services.

Qualification packages must be submitted and received at the office of Joel Manning, Finance Analyst and Manager ( at the address below no later than October 12, 2018. Firms shall be prepared to meet with the CWR staff/representatives to discuss any portion of their qualification package before a decision is made concerning responses to this RFP. Firms responding will be responsible for any costs associated with, or incurred in, preparing or responding to the RFP. All submitted responses will be retained as property of the CWR and will not be returned.

This RFP contains, in general terms, the overall objectives of the CWR in obtaining the services of a consultant. While an attempt has been made to describe the general expectations of the CWR and the anticipated work that should be performed, the CWR and the successful firm will need to define a more specific scope of work and fee schedule as part of the negotiation process.

The letter of introduction and interest required with the RFP must contain an original, 2 handwritten signature of an authorized representative of the responding firm. Responding firms will not be allowed to make any changes or corrections after proposal packages are submitted to the CWR.

Qualifications and supporting material should be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked with the words Chester County Wastewater Recovery INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY RFP and with the name of the responding firm.

Chester County Wastewater Recovery
3261 Lancaster Highway
P.O. Box 279
Richburg, SC 29729

Telephone: (803) 377-3541