Employment Benefits

S.C. RETIREMENT SYSTEM MEMBERSHIP – Employees of the Chester Metropolitan/Sewer District are enrolled in the SC Retirement System. This membership includes life insurance equal to l years pay at no cost to employee.

GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE – Employees provided health insurance through the “State Health Plan”. Employee cost $ 00.00 to $ 289.86 per month, depending on level and type of coverage selected. Qualified dependent coverage available.

DENTAL INSURANCE – Employees dental coverage available at no cost. Dependent coverage available at a cost to the employee of $ 7.64 to 21.34 monthly, depending on the number of dependents. Optional supplemental dental insurance available, employee monthly cost from $ 24.58 employee only to $ 74.22 full family.

VISION INSURANCE – Employee vision insurance available through the “State Vision Plan” at a cost to the employee of $ 7.94 to $ 74.22 depending on the level of coverage.

LIFE INSURANCE – $ 3,000.00 coverage for employee paid for by Chester Metropolitan District and up to $ 500,000.00 additional coverage paid for by the employee through the “State Health Plan”.

LONG TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE – Basic and Supplemental Long Term Disability plans at little to no cost to employees covered by a health insurance plan.

SC DEFERRED COMPENSATION PROGRAM – Pre-tax state run 401k, 457 investment program. A post tax 457ROTH plan is also available. Employee payroll deductions as requested.

RETIREE HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE– Employees may continue their health coverage into retirement at little to no cost to the retiree based on years of service.

ANNUAL LEAVE – Paid Vacation leave is earned as follows: After 1 year 5 days; After 2 years 10 days; After 5 years 15 days; After 10 years 20 days; After 20 years 25 days.

HOLIDAYS – 11 Paid holidays: New Year’s Day (2 days off), Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving (2 days off), Christmas (2 days off).

SICK LEAVE – Sick leave is accrued at one day per month. May be accumulated to a maximum of 360 days.

UNIFORMS – Work uniforms furnished by Chester Metropolitan/Sewer District at no cost to employees.

WORK BOOTS – Up to 2 pair of steel toed safety boots (depending on your position) per year furnished by Chester Metropolitan/Chester Sewer District at no cost to employee.

“ON-CALL PAY” – Maintenance personnel can earn extra pay for being available (on call) for duty after normal business hours.