Drought Management

The Chester Metropolitan District is a member of and active particpant in the Catawba Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group (DMAG). Comprised of utilities and other water-based industries in the Catawba River Basin and headed by Duke Energy, DMAG strives to protect our most valuable resource: The Catawaba River.


Stage 1

What This Means

CMD recommends that customers voluntarily reduce lawn and landscape irrigation to no more than two days per week. In addition, limiting watering to the early morning or late evening hours and hand-watering plants and shrubbery instead of using a sprinkler or an automatic irrigation system will also save on water. Customers are also encouraged to reduce residential vehicle washing and washing down of driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Other recommended methods of conserving water include washing full loads of clothes and dishes, and repairing leaky faucets, pipes, or toilets.

The Chester Metropolitan District would like to thank its customers for their cooperation and understanding in helping meet DMAG’s water reduction goals.

The daily water demand Chester Metropolitan District experienced in the second half of 2016 is within normal ranges. We are not experiencing any supply or demand problems.

View our Drought Management Plan and Policy.