CWR Notice of Meeting — 03/19/19


Chester County Wastewater Recovery
Regular Commission Meeting

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
6:00 PM


CWR Office
3261 Lancaster Highway
Richburg, South Carolina


I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Invocation

III. Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes

V. Old Business

  1. WWTP Update
  2. Pretreatment Update
  3. Maintenance Work Report
  4. Project Updates

VI. New Business

  1. CDBG Project Bid Approval
  2. Information Technology Services RFP
  3. Public Comment

VII. Reports

  1. Financial Statement

VIII. Executive Session

  1. Legal Advice

IX. Adjourn

This Agenda is subject to change up to 24 hours prior to such meeting.

Expanded Payment Options

Chester Metropolitan District is expanding its customer payment options. In addition to automatic bank draft and online e-check payments, CMD will also offer online payments by debit/credit card and IVR (pay-by-phone) service.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • E-check service will remain largely unchanged. E-check processing will continue through the same service, T-Tech. However, due to rising costs, all e-check payments will be subject to a $2.50 processing fee. E-check payments made after 3:00 PM will be posted on the next business day.
  • Online Debit/Credit payments will be available through our new account management portal, hosted by Municipal Online Payments. Click Here to create an account and request Utility Billing access. A 3% processing fee will apply to all debit/credit payments.
  • The Municipal Online Payment portal will allow customers to view and pay bills in real time, as well as sign up for e-billing and important notifications such as outage notices and payment reminders. CMD will soon accept online service requests through this system, too.
  • Pay by Phone: Customers will be able to pay over the phone using debit and credit cards 24-hours-a-day. Simply call the toll-free number at 833-209-4044. You may also call our main line at (803) 385-5123 and dial 9 to access this service. A 3% processing fee will apply to all debit/credit payments.
  • Customers are also encouraged to sign up for automatic bank draft: a simple, no-fuss way to make sure your bill is paid on time, every month. There is no processing fee associated with automatic draft.

For more information, please read our FAQ or call our office at (803) 385-5123.

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CMD Notice of Meeting — 03/13/19

CMD Logo


Chester Metropolitan District Regular Commission Meeting
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
6:00 PM

CMD Water Filtration Plant
6144 Lancaster Hwy,
Fort Lawn, South Carolina

Please note: This agenda is subject to change 24 hours before the scheduled meeting date and time.

Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per speaker. Only members of the public who have signed up in advance of the meeting will be allowed to speak.


I. Call Meeting to Order

II. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes

III. Approval of Audited Financials

IV. Old Business

  1. Filter Plant
  2. Engineer’s Report
  3. DMAG Report

IV. New Business

  1. Director’s Update
  2. Tuition Assistance Request
  3. Budget Amendment

V. Reports

  1. Director’s Report
  2. Hydrant Report
  3. Financial Report
  4. Tyler Billing/Finance Software Update

VIII. Adjourn

Annual Chlorine Burnout End

The Chester Metropolitan District is concluding its annual Chlorine Burnout. Filter Plant personnel returned the system to Chloramines on Friday, March 1, 2019. Customers should notice their water returning to normal within the next two to three weeks.

During this time, customers may continue to experience a stronger chlorine smell and/or taste in their tap water.  This is normal, and the water is still safe to drink.  If the water is allowed to stand in a glass for several minutes before drinking, the chlorine smell/taste will dissipate.

If you have questions or concerns about this project, please call the CMD Office at (803) 385-5123.