2018 Fire Flow Testing




The Chester Metropolitan District is scheduled to begin flow testing all fire hydrants on Monday, October 1, 2018 as a part of our maintenance program. Residents may experience minor discoloration to their water while flow testing is being conducted. The CMD urges its customers to check their water quality BEFORE beginning laundry or other household tasks. The flushing program is expected to continue through December 28, 2018. Please notify CMD immediately at 385-5123 if you incur any type of problem.

Boil Water Advisory — Fort Lawn, SC

A boil water advisory is now in effect for customers on Edwards Road in Fort Lawn. Customers in the affected area will have a yellow notice tag hanging on their front doors.
Affected customers should boil their water vigorously for five (5) minutes prior to drinking or cooking until otherwise notified.
An update on this advisory will be made available by 5:00 PM on Thursday, September 20, 2018.

CMD Notice of Meeting — 09/12/18

CMD Logo


Chester Metropolitan District Regular Commission Meeting

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
6:00 PM

CMD Office
155 Wylie Street
Chester, South Carolina

Please note: This agenda is subject to change 24 hours before the scheduled meeting date and time.

Public Comment is limited to three (3) minutes per speaker. Only members of the public who have signed up in advance of the meeting will be allowed to speak.


I. Call Meeting to Order


II. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes


III. Public Comment


  1. Inez McClinton

V. Old Business

  1. Filter Plant
  2. Engineer’s Report
  3. DMAG Report

VI. New Business

  1. Director’s Update
  2. Customer Rules & Regulations

VII. Reports

  1. Director’s Report
  2. Hydrant Report
  3. Financial Report
  4. Tyler Billing/Finance Software Update

VIII. Adjourn