CWR Notice of Meeting – 08-29-18


Chester County Wastewater Recovery
Regular Commission Meeting

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
6:00 PM

CWR Office
3261 Lancaster Highway, Richburg




I. Call Meeting to Order


II. Invocation


III. Pledge of Allegiance


IV. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes


V. Old Business

  1. Lando/Manetta & Rocky Creek Updates
  2. Sandy River Update
  3. Pretreatment Update
  4. Project Updates

VI. New Business

  1. Rate Restructure – Proposed Changes to Customer Classifications, Rates, and Charges for Wastewater Service of the DIstrict
  2. Raftelis Financial Consultants’ Proposals
    1. On-Call Services Agreement

VII. Reports

  1. Financial Statement

VIII. Executive Session
Motion to enter Executive Session under SC Code Section 30-4-70(a) to discuss: (1) an employment matter [regarding employees]; (2) negotiations incident to proposed contractual arrangements with the Town of Fort Lawn and modifications to the AECOM Scope of Service; and (3) security devices for CWR Office.


IX. Actions, if any, on Matters Discussed in Executive Session





This Agenda is subject to change up to 24 hours prior to such meeting.

CWR Notice of Public Hearing — RESCHEDULED

Notice of Public Hearing – Imposition of Customer Classifications and Wastewater Rates and Charges


Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held before the Chester Sewer District Commission (the “Commission”), the governing body of the Chester Sewer District (d/b/a Chester Wastewater Recover) (the “District”), beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018. The hearing will be held at The Gateway Conference Center, 3200 Commerce Drive Suite C, Richburg, South Carolina 29729. All persons who attend the public hearing will be given an opportunity to speak.

The purpose of the public hearing will be to allow members of the public to express their views regarding the imposition of customer classifications and rates and charges for wastewater service of the District. Upon their due adoption by the Commission, the customer classifications and rates and charges for wastewater service are anticipated to become effective as of September 1, 2018. The following customer classifications and rates and charges are proposed:


Monthly Base Charge
Meter Size Base Charge
3/4″ $19.06
 1″  $22.47
1.5″ $30.91
 2″ $41.09
3″ $64.84
4″ $98.77
6″ $183.52
8″ $285.25
10″ $403.98
Residential & Commercial Monthly Volumetric Charge
 Charge per 1,000 gallons $9.14 /kgal
Industrial Monthly Volumetric Charge
 Charge per 1,000 gallons $10.42 /kgal
Monthly High-Strength Surcharge Rates
 Discharge  Surcharge (per pound above 250ppm)
 Biochemical Oxygen Demand $0.48
Total Suspended Solids $0.64
Ammonia $3.20
Tap Fees
Up to 1″ (Same Side of Road) $1,375.79
All over 1″ or non-standard tap Cost of Installation
Other Fees
Monthly Industrial Permitting Fee $133.75
Annual Septic Dumping Fee $4,800.00