CMD Payment Period Extension

Beginning January 2018, Chester Metropolitan District will extend the payment period for all billing cycles. Customers will now have fifteen (15) days from the Bill Date to pay their bills before being assessed a penalty. Customers will also have an additional ten (10) days to make payment before their services become eligible for disconnection. This decision was approved by CMD’s Board of Commissioners at the December 2017 Commission Meeting.

Other adjustments to our Customer Service practices are also under review, and will be announced as approved by our Board of Commissioners. As always, comments and suggestions on how we may better serve our community are always welcomed and appreciated.

CMD Disconnection Notice — OCTOBER 2017 BILLS

Chester Metropolitan District will be disconnecting delinquent accounts in the following areas the week of December 4-8, 2017.  The accounts scheduled for disconnection have past due water bills for the month of October 2017.

Please make arrangements to pay your bill no later than Monday, December 4th.  If you did not receive an October water bill or you have questions regarding your account status, please call our office at (803) 385-5123.

If your payment has not been received by 8:30 AM on your disconnection date and your address is located on one of the streets below, your services will be disconnected and a $45 reconnect fee applied to your account.

Payments may be made online by clicking this link.

Please note: Disconnection lists are generated by billing cycle. Some streets may fall into two billing cycles and neighboring addresses may be scheduled for disconnection on different days.


For Disconnection 12/05/2017

Fort Lawn Area – All Streets


For Disconnection 12/06/2017

Academy, Aiken, Ballpark, Ballard, Beacham, Bird, Brawley, Branch, Brice, Cadz, Celsey, Center, Cestrian, Church, Coldstream, College, Columbia, Culp, Dallas, Dawson, Devine, Dewey, Dupree, East Lacy, Epworth, Evergreen, Fieldcrest, Fifth, First, Foote, Fourth, Gadsden, Gage, Gardendale, Gaston, Gregg, Hampton, Harris, Helen, Hemphill, Henry, Henry Woods, Hinton, Hudson, Jones, Juliet, Lancaster (Chester Area), Leslie, Maiden, Main, McAliley, McHord, Mobley, Moore, Nichols, Oakland, Parkway, Peace, Pinckney, Pine, Pryor, Pundt, Reedy, Roundtree, Saluda, Sanders, Sarah, Second, Sixth, Sirrine, Still, Summersby, Sweeney, Third, Walker, Walnut, Webber, West Elliott, West End, West Lacy, White, Why Me Lord, Wylie, York


For Disconnection 12/07/2017

Abell. Ashford, Bailey, Berry, Branch, Brendale, Brooklyn, Caldwell, Carr, Catawba, Cemetery, Collins, Columbia, Cotton, Crescent, Crestwood, Dew, Dye, East Lacy, Edwards, Elizabeth, Erwin, Fairview, Floyd, Forest, Frances, Gaston, Glenn, Graham, Gregg, Hambrick, Hamilton, Hardin, Harris, Hemphill, Hillcrest, Honor, Jeter, Jeter Heights, Jewel, Lancaster (Chester Area), Lilly, Lincoln, Loomis, Marwood, Marquis, McClure Woods, Mclure, McDowell, McFadden, Melton, Murray, Oak, Odom, Paris, Park, Patrick, Peyton, Saluda, Shamrock, Sherwood, Starnes, State, Steinkuhler, Sterling, Sunset, Swift, Tremont, West Lacy, Wanda, Wilson, White Oak, Woodland, Wright, York

2017 Fire Flow Testing


The Chester Metropolitan District is scheduled to begin flow testing all fire hydrants on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 as a part of our maintenance program. Residents may experience minor discoloration to their water while flow testing is being conducted. The CMD urges its customers to check their water quality BEFORE beginning laundry or other household tasks. The flushing program is expected to continue through December 29, 2017. Please notify CMD immediately at 385-5123 if you incur any type of problem.

High Bills & Unusual Billing Dates


The Chester Meter Replacement Project is currently underway. Crews from Ferguson Waterworks are working to replace all water meters in Chester Metropolitan District’s system with new radio-read meters. Because many of the meters being replaced are older and may be under-registering water use, customers may receive a higher bill than expected on the month immediately following the replacement.

If your bill is significantly higher than your average, please call or visit our office. Our staff will be able to provide additional information on your account.


In addition to the meter replacement efforts in Chester, CMD has experienced challenges in delivering water bills to customers on normal schedules. These challenges are a result of mandatory software upgrades to our billing system. Bills are currently leaving the CMD office approximately ten (10) days later than usual. The number of days to pay your bill has not changed. CMD expects to replace its billing system with a newer, more reliable system over the next ten to twelve months to improve billing schedules and customer service.

We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage any customer concerned with missing a payment to sign up for automatic draft.

As always, please contact our office with any questions or concerns.

CMD Water IS Safe To Drink

On Friday afternoon, July 14th, Charlotte Water contacted Chester Metropolitan District and many downstream water utilities to report that a 21-inch sewer line had separated and approximately 200,000 gallons of sewage spilled into Kings Branch.

Kings Branch is a tributary to Big Sugar Creek, which flows into the Catawba River downstream of the Lake Wylie dam. With the distance that the sewage has to flow, and the amount of the base flow in the Catawba River, natural mixing of the waters will dilute a majority of bacteria contained in the river.

Chester Metropolitan District has been monitoring the raw water quality in the Catawba River and has reported no change in normal water quality at its water filtration plant in Fort Lawn. Reports from the filtration plant indicate no change in pH or bacterial levels, and no indication that the spill is presenting a health risk to our customers. The drinking water being produced meets or exceeds USEPA Primary Drinking Water Standards.

Chester Metropolitan District will continue to closely monitor the water quality in the river and report any problems to our customers. Updates on the sewer spill will be available here on our website. Please check back for more information, or call our office at (803) 385-5123.

CMD’s 2016 CCR is Now Available!

Due to Environmental Protection Agency Regulations, the Spring 2017 Water and Wastewater News by CMD/CWR contains a report on the quality of water that you receive from Chester Metropolitan District. This report will be delivered to you on an annual basis and will consist of the most recent test results available.

The EPA and SC DHEC have established strict standards for all drinking water, designed to protect consumers from bacteria and water-borne illnesses. We at Chester Metropolitan are pleased to report that our drinking water is safe for consumption and meets all federal and state requirements.

Free copies of the newsletter will be available beginning July 3, 2017 at the following locations:

  • CMD Office
  • Chester City Hall
  • Chester County Library (Main Branch)
  • Great Falls Town Hall
  • Chester County Library (Great Falls Branch)
  • Fort Lawn Town Hall
  • Richburg Town Hall
  • Chester County Library (Richburg Branch)

 You may also download a PDF copy of our newsletter by CLICKING HERE.

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