Chester County Wastewater Recovery


Laboratory Services Request for Proposal & Statement of Qualifications


Executive Summary

The Chester County Wastewater Recovery is soliciting technical proposals from pre-qualified firms to provide long-term Laboratory services to all of the Chester County Wastewater Recovery Wastewater Treatment Plants as well as the District’s Industrial Pretreatment Compliance Sampling. The program is expected to be implemented by February 2018.


Table of Contents

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Introduction                                                                                                  1


Proposal Conference and Site Tours                                                             1-3


Cost of Proposal                                                                                            3


Proposal Team Arrangement                                                                         3


Scope of Services                                                                                         3


Terms of Agreement                                                                                   3-4


Procurement Process                                                                                   4-5


Chester Sewer District’s Options                                                                     5


Proposal Content                                                                                          6-7




The objective of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to establish a contractual relationship with the successful Proposer to provide cost-effective and efficient contract laboratory service. The District is seeking a firm that can provide full service professional contract laboratory services. The successful Proposer must take responsibility for all contract laboratory services and industrial sampling management activities with minimal involvement by the District.

Only Proposers which submitted Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) in response to the Districts RFP may respond to this RFP. All proposers submitting SOQ’s meeting minimum qualifications may respond to this RFP.

[Inquiries regarding this RFP may be made only to the contact person indicated below.] If the Districts contact person determines that a response to an inquiry would provide an advantage to the inquiring proposer, no response will be given to such an inquiry unless it is submitted in writing. The District will provide written responses to all written inquiries, and the responses will be made available to all proposers. Any oral responses made by any District employee or other representative of the District shall be considered informal, subject to change without notice at any time, and not binding upon the District under any circumstances. Such oral responses may not be relied upon by anyone in any manner.


All oral and written inquiries must be made by 09/14/2017 by 4:00 PM to:

Ms. Devon B. Beaty

Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator

Chester County Wastewater Recovery

P.O. Box 279

Richburg, SC 29729

Any attempt made by any Proposer by any of its employees, agents, consultants, contractors or representatives to contact any employee, agent, consultant, attorney, representative or advisor of the District other than Ms. Devon B. Beaty with respect to this RFP is grounds for disqualification. The District may, at its discretion, in addition to other rights or remedies available by law, forthwith revoke the Proposer’s status as a Proposer and reject any potential or actual submission or proposal submitted by the Proposer.


Proposal Conference and Site Tours


A pre-proposal conference and site tours will be held on 09/26/2017 at the Chester Sewer District Headquarters located at 3261 Lancaster Hwy Richburg, SC.

This will begin at 9:00 AM. Tours of facilities will be provided by District staff immediately following the conference. The purpose of the conference and tours will be to enable proposers to view the facilities, discuss questions that proposers may have on the project, and obtain any needed clarification of the RFP. Attendance is required for all respondents to this RFP.

Five (5) copies of the Technical Proposal must be delivered no later than 4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on or before 10/09/17, to:

Mr. Joel Manning

Financial Analyst/Manager

Chester County Wastewater Recovery

P.O. Box 279

Richburg, SC 29729

Also, Five (5) copies of a Price Proposal must be delivered in a separate, sealed, and clearly labeled envelope marked “Price Proposal” no later than 4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on or before 10/23/17, to:

Ms. Farrah Wright

Executive Assistant

Chester County Wastewater Recovery

P.O. Box 279

Richburg, SC 29729

No proposal will be accepted after the designated time. The required proposal format is provided.

The District operates Three (3) wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). They are as follows:

  • Lando-Manetta
  • Rocky Creek
  • Sandy River

All plants are subject to re-design, expansion, repair and changes in permit parameters. Also, the District have fourteen (14) Industrial Customers in its Industrial Pretreatment Program. They are as follows:

  • ATI-Allvac
  • Bosie-Cascade
  • Boral Stone
  • Carolina Poly
  • Coatex
  • GAF
  • Giti Tire
  • Guardian Glass Industries
  • Jones-Hamilton
  • Omnova Solutions
  • PPG
  • Specialty Polymers
  • LLC
  • Any future industries added during contract period to be added at incremental rate


Likewise, all Industrial Customers are subject to re-design, expansion, repair and changes in permit parameters.


Cost of Proposal Preparations


Any and all responses to this RFP are to be prepared at the cost and expense of the Proposer, with the express understanding that there may be no claims whatsoever for the reimbursement of any costs, damages, or expenses related to this RFP from the District, or any party, for any reason (including, but not limited to, the cancellation of this RFP).

Proposal Team Arrangement

The District is seeking a legal entity to provide contract laboratory services. Proposals will only be accepted from Proposers who have submitted SOQ’s. The District reserves the right to reject any proposal made to this RFP, submitted on behalf of a Proposer, if organized in any different manner than outlined in the SOQ.

Scope of Services

The successful Proposer shall furnish all labor, equipment, and facilities required.

Terms of the Agreement

The successful proposer shall enter into a written contract binding all terms, conditions, and provisions of the service agreement. The contract will be active for a period of three (3) years in addition to a (2) year renewal opportunity preceding (3) year term, subject to mutual agreement of both parties.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

The District operates three wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater samples from the plants will be collected by the District’s staff and transferred to the District’s Headquarter located at:

Chester County Wastewater Recovery

Rocky Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

633 Ecology Lane

Chester, SC 29706

Samples will be collected once per week or as needed when required.

Industrial Pretreatment Customers

The District has thirteen (13) Industrial Customers in its Industrial Pretreatment Program. Industrial sampling will be conducted by the successful proposer on a bi-annual basis (two times per year) or as required. The sampling schedule is to be determined by the proposer, taking place in two different seasons of the year.

Monitoring, Record Keeping, and Reporting

The successful Proposer will be responsible for all sampling and analysis in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory requirements.

An appropriate record keeping and reporting program will be developed by the Proposer to demonstrate compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Monthly summaries will be submitted to the District in a hard copy and electronic format. The Proposer will prepare all necessary records and reports required by the Pretreatment Program.


Coordination with District Staff

To address the needs of the District, the Proposer must participate in meetings with District staff and other parties, if necessary.





Receive Technical Proposal                                                                          10/09/17

Receive Price Proposal                                                                                10/23/17

Complete Evaluation                                                                                   11/01/17

Complete Contract Negotiations                                                                  12/01/17

District Board Approval                                                                              01/19/18


Districts Rights and Options

The District reserves the following rights, at its discretion, to:

  • Accept any Proposal
  • Reject any or all responses or information received pursuant to its RFP, or component thereof
  • Reject all Proposals
  • Accept an incomplete Proposal
  • Supplement, amend, substitute, or otherwise modify this RFP to expand, restrict or cancel all or a portion of the work described in this RFP at any time
  • Cancel this RFP with or without substitution of another RFP
  • Issue additional requests for information or proposals
  • Conduct investigations with respect to the qualifications and experience of each proposer
  • Take any action affecting the RFP or the services or facilities subject to this RFP that would be in the best interest of the District
  • Change the date for receipt of Proposals or any deadlines and dates specified in this RFP
  • Require one or more Proposers to supplement, clarify, or provide additional information in order for the District to evaluate the proposal
  • Waive any defect or technicality in any proposal received


Modifications to Proposals

The Proposer may correct, modify, or withdraw their proposal by written notice. This is to be received by the District prior to 11/01/17 at 4:00 PM.

The District will not be competing with Proposers for this work.

All Proposers are required to submit a statement of qualifications, used to identify qualified Proposers. Qualified Proposers are required to submit a detailed technical proposal as specified in this RFP. Proposals will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee consisting of District staff members and advisors. Based on review of the technical proposal, the selected Proposers will be asked to submit a price proposal.

Interviews may be required following submittal of the proposals. Items to be address includes:

  • Project Team Experience and Staffing Plan
  • Sampling and Transporting Plan
  • Schedule and Transition Plan
  • Monitoring, Record Keeping and Reporting


Proposal Contents

Letter of Transmittal

The letter of transmittal should include the name, address, telephone, and email address of the Proposer’s contact person and a designation of the entity that will sign a contract agreement with the District if the proposal is accepted. In addition, receipt of any and all addenda to the RFP issued by the District shall be acknowledged in the letter.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary should present information sufficient to familiarize reviewers with the highlights of the proposal, written in a non-technical style. Please, include a description of the structure of the company as well as the location of the central office of headquarters. A concise overview of experience and capabilities of key individuals with a summary of the proposed management program must be included. All pre-printed information is to be included in an appendix.

Table of Contents

Indicate significant elements of the proposal by subject and page number. If the proposal contains attachments, appendices, or addenda, include a listing of those items.

Project Team

Provide a description of the role of each team member as well as an organization chart depicting the relationship of key team members. Also provide resumes for each key team member in a separate appendix at the end of the proposal. Resumes should be limited to no more than two pages each.

Key team members include but are not limited to all managers and lead technical supervisors interacting with District staff or the public on a frequent basis.

Project Schedule

The proposer should demonstrate an ability to begin sample collection and analysis within 30 days of receipt of the Notice to Proceed. A schedule for implementation of management activities must be indicated.

A transition plan should be presented. This should describe how the Proposer will ensure the orderly transfer of operations at both the beginning and the end contract term.

Monitoring, Record Keeping and Reporting

Procedures implemented to monitor and report the quality and quantity of analytical work and sampling coupled with the Proposer’s routine turn-around time for receipt of results must be included. Describe the monitoring, record keeping and reporting programs used to prepare monthly and annual reports for the District and to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Additionally, provide the District with the following information:

  • Receipt of Preliminary Results of the District’s WWTP which are not in NPDES Permit Compliance determined by the Proposer comparing preliminary results with permit limits
  • Receipt of Preliminary Results of Industrial Pretreatment Customers which are not in CSD Permit Compliance determined by the Proposer comparing preliminary results with permit limits
  • Provide turn around time between sampling and reporting of final results

Price Proposal

A Price Proposal must be delivered in a separate, sealed, and clearly labeled envelope to the District Purchasing Agent.