Cross-Connection Control Program

What is a Cross-Connection Control Program?

The purpose of the Cross-Connection Control Program is to help eliminate possible contamination of the public water distribution system. Cross-connections are defined as any connection between the public water distribution system and private water system or piping.  There are two required components of the program: a site survey and testing of the backflow prevention assemblies.

What does this mean?

All customers of the Chester Metropolitan District must have a backflow prevention device installed between the CMD system and the the customer’s service line. For most services, the backflow prevention device is installed at or near the water meter. Larger facilities such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and industries often have multiple backflow devices located throughout their private water systems in critical locations such as near hot water heaters, beside utility sinks, or before process water or cooling water systems.

Who is responsible for these devices?

CMD’s Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining and replacing backflow prevention devices on residential services one-inch and less in size.

Backflow prevention devices for commercial customers are the responsibility of the customer, including testing and repairs. Testing must be done on an annual basis and all results must be sent to the CMD office in order to comply with SCDHEC’s regulations. The SCDHEC Cross Connection Control Program webpage contains a list of all Certified Testers for the State of South Carolina.

How do we prevent backflow situations?

There are a variety of mechanical backflow preventers that are available on the commercial market. They are designed to allow free flowing water in the correct direction, but if the flow is reversed, the flow is stopped.  A variety of different mechanical methods are used to achieve this result depending on the type of backflow device. Some use spring loaded check valves, others use an air gap, or both.

Changes to the Program

To ensure that the District maintains compliance with SCDHEC’s regulations and provide our customers with safe drinking water, we are performing a system-wide survey to locate new cross-connections and evaluate the compliance of existing cross-connections.

If a device fails, repair or replacement will be required in order to continue water service. New construction requires passing results before service can be initiated.

Chester Metropolitan District will also begin replacing all residential devices later in 2017.

CMD is committed to providing superior quality water to all of its customers. While no program is 100% effective, it is our goal to ensure our customers and our County are protected to the best of our ability.

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