Welcome to Chester Metropolitan Online Bill Pay! 

Thank you for choosing to pay your bill online with us today. We hope you will find that this is an easy and convenient way to pay your bill. Please keep in mind that you can pay your CMD/CSD bill here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

You will need your checking account information and your bill to pay online. You cannot pay your bill here with a Debt or Credit card. You will also need your bill because unfortunately we cannot give out information about your account over the phone for security reasons. You cannot pay with a prepaid card even if it has a routing and account number.

Make sure that you enter your checking information carefully. Do not take any digits out or leave any off of the account number or your routing number. CMD/CSD will not be responsible for any errors in the information that you provide to process your payment. Returned check fees will be charged to all online payments that are returned even if it is due to wrong account numbers.

Make sure you enter your Water/Sewer Service account number and service address correctly otherwise you may not receive credit for your payment. The district is not responsible for misapplied payments due to incorrect or missing account numbers or service addresses.

Some banks in our area have routing numbers that start with a “zero”. If you leave this zero out when you enter your banking information the payment will not go through and you will see an error message appear. 

Accounts are scheduled for cutoff 20 days from the bill date. If you’re Services have been disconnected or are scheduled for disconnection you need to call the office and let them know you have made a payment online. Otherwise your services may not be restored and/or you may not be taken off the disconnection schedule.

Please keep in mind if your services have been disconnected there will be a $36.75 Reconnect fee in addition to the bill. Services to be restored between 4PM and 9PM will require an additional “after hours fee” of $54.08. We do not restore services after 9PM or before 8:30 am.

Returned checks cannot be paid online. They must be paid in the office. If additional service deposits are required they must also be made in the office.

All Fees and amounts owed must be paid in full before we can restore service or before we can take an account off the disconnection schedule.




 Click on the picture below to acknowledge that you have read the information on this page and are ready to pay your bill online.

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If you have any questions please call customer service.

803-385-5123 8:30am-5pm. Thank You! 



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